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John Wilkes Booth
Role Assassin, Vampire
Born May 10, 1838
Died April 26, 1865
Birthplace Bel Air, Maryland
Age 26
Affiliates Bad
Actor None

John Wilkes Booth was a stage actor and a vampire. His status as a vampire gave him a messiah complex, believing himself to be a mighty creature not to be dealt with.


Early Life[]

Booth was born in Maryland, where he will ironically meet his end.

Becoming a Vampire[]

Booth met a woman in a bar and the woman, while having sex with him, offered him power beyond his dreams. Being egotistical and overconfident, Booth accepted and woke up the next morning a vampire, or in his words, "immortal."

Killing Lincoln[]

Booth and several of his conspirators planned multiple assassinations that Booth was confident will inspire the vampires to begin their reign on America once again. Booth's part of the plan was to sneak into the Ford Theatre using his reputation as an actor there and shoot Lincoln, which he does. Booth, victorious, believed that the vampires will now rise up and continue the war, but the assassin was met with remarks saying that he has gone too far. Escaping to Maryland, Booth went to a barn to meet up with his fellow assassins, but they have abandoned him and surrendered. The barn is set ablaze as soldiers come after Booth. Prepared to terrify them with his vampiric appearance and powers, Booth was instead confronted by Henry Sturges, who promptly fights him and eventually kills him, avenging his friend, Lincoln.


  • In real life, Booth was killed by a man named Boston Corbett. He said he shot Booth because he thought Lincoln's assassin was preparing to use his weapons. This was contradicted by the other witnesses. When asked later why he did it, Corbett answered that God had ordered him to do so.
  • Booth appeared to be egotistacal or has a messiah complex, due to his belief that as a vampire, he could do anything and get away from it, both literally and figuratively.
  • Booth's men did not have the same amount of confidence as their leader, resulting in failed attempts at killing their targets.
  • Interestingly, Booth is not a vampire in the film, although Booth does not exactly appear thus we will never know if he was indeed vampiric.