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Jack Barts []

Jack Barts was a Vampire in the movie Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter. He was responsible for the death of Abrahams Mother and Also created Abraham as a vampire hunter. He was killed after Lincoln blinded him by shooting him in his other eye which he blinded after trying to kill him the first time. He was then decapitated by Abraham.[]


When he is first shown, He is threating Abrahams father after he defended a young slave from being beaten by a white overseer. Abraham then sees him as he bites his mother in an attempt to turn her into a vampire,which she dies from,in turn making Lincoln swear revenge against him. He is next seen at a boat dock where Linlocn tracks him to from a bar in the town. Abraham tries and fails to shoot him as the pistol misfires and chases him into a room As Lincoln tries to prevent him from coming in as he reloads his pistol. Abraha'm shot's him in the head and thinks he kills him. Until he gets up revealing the bullet in his eye and his true nature. Nearly killing Abraham until Henry saves him. He is then seen in his last apperance as Abraham finds him, They fight until he has Abraham cornered as he goes in for a killing blow Until he reveals he has a gun attachment in his ax and blows his other eye out and decapitates him.[]

Powers and abilites

Jack had all the typical abilities as he has Superhuman strength Able to lift the weight of a Human effortlessly and able to put Abraham through wood and able to throw a horse a considerable distance. He also has Superhuman speed ,able to move fast enough to disappear and reappere in seconds. He is also able to make himself invisible. 

jacks vampire nature