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"You are not the only one...who has lost everything to vampires."

Henry Sturges
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Status: Alive
Affiliation: Abraham Lincoln
Profession: Vampire Hunter
Spouse(s): Unnamed Wife (deceased)
Significant other(s): Unnamed Lover (one night stand)
Played by: Dominic Cooper
Films: Vampire Hunter
First film: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Last film: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Henry Sturges is the mentor of Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (film). He tells Abraham Lincoln the difference between "doing something extraordinary and being satisfied with simple revenge."

It is later revealed that centuries ago, he was attacked and bitten by Adam and his wife was killed by Adam. Because Sturges's soul was impure, he became a vampire, and that prevented him from harming Adam or any other vampire (since "Only the living can kill the dead"). Sturges has since been training vampire hunters, hoping to destroy Adam.

Physical Appearance[]

Sturges after becoming a vampire.

Henry in human form appears to have light skin with brown hair, wearing coats and other clothing. As a vampire, Sturges skin appears to pale, eyes turning bloodshot red, making him wear glasses to hide his appearance in the sun.


Henry Sturges was a man who though suave, loyal, and skilled hunter, he had a impure soul, meaning in both immoral and sexual ways. After Adam killed his wife and turned him into a vampire, he became determined to train others to hunt down his 'kind'. Sturges also showed himself to be a man of sexual tendencies, shown when Lincoln found Henry having sex with a unnamed woman. Despite this, he was brave and caring of others, notably to Lincoln, whom he mentored for a decade.

He was shown to be aggressive in battles, an example is when training Lincoln in the dark, Lincoln came out brutalized, bleeding with cuts. Another is knocking Abraham when the former saw Jack Barts during his training.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality: He is immortal to all physical age and dieases and cannot be killed by mortal means such as gunshots and normal blades. As shown when he tried to kill Adam he cant kill another vampire as by "gods decree"
  • Invulnerability: Henry is extremely durable being able to survive gunshots to the head and endure a severe beating by Adam who was stronger than him
  • Sunlight Adaption: Henry is shown to be standing in sunlight as most vampires albiet with having to put sunblock.
  • Strength: Henry is Insanely strong being able to hold the weight of a falling train for a few seconds. He was also able to force jack barts through the wood of a boat dock and then force him in to the air destroying all the wood on the building as he went up.
  • Senses: While not stated he is able to beat abraham in complete darkness implying he has greatly enhanced senses.
  • Speed: As all vampires have super speed he has super speed as well. He also has enhanced reflexes as he was able to catch an ax thrown at him by abraham during a fight when he found out he was a vampire
  • Mobility: During his fight with adam on the train, he is show to have great mobility as he was able move like a trapeze artist.


  • Silver: Much like all vampire, he is able to be injured by silver and if struck fatally like through the heart or head, Henry will die much like a normal human
  • Decapitation: Like all beings Henry will die from decapitation