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Edgar Allen Poe
Role Poet
Born January 19th, 1809
Died October 7th, 1849
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts
Age 40
Affiliates Good

Edgar Allen Poe is a poet, author, and literary editor. He was best known for his depressing poems and stories, but they are in fact relatable stories written by Poe subtly about vampires, leading many to mistake him for one. Poe was a friend of Abraham Lincoln.


Early Life[]

Edgar Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809. Somewhere in his adulthood, he found fascination in vampires, and even curious about how it felt to be one. He befriended many of these creatures and often interviewed them about their lives

Meeting Abe[]

Edgar Poe met Abe Lincoln when the latter suspected him to be a vampire and chased him down to a cemetary, where Lincoln was surprised to find a normal human being standing before him. Lincoln was at first confused at how Poe could be so depressing when the young man admitted to be fascinated with the life of an average vampire, and adapted his findings into poems.

Poe later reunited with Lincoln, and told him of the origins of vampires, where they came from (Europe) and why they are here, which is because of the freedom and lawlessness that suited their needs. Edgar then told Lincoln about a vampire he befriend named Reynolds before leaving.


Poe was found running through the streets with a bleeding injury while yelling out "Reynolds", implying that he was killed by the one he thought his friend.


  • Edgar Poe is in fact content with his life despite all the depressing elements in it.
  • Lincoln and Poe have contrasting views on vampires, one wish to kill them all, while the other wishes to understand how they live.