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"They call him Adam. He, from whom all others are made."

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Status: Deceased
Age: Around 5000 years old
Date of birth: around 3160 BC
Date of death: 1863
Sibling(s): Vadoma
Played by: Rufus Sewell
Films: Vampire Hunter
First film: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Last film: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Adam was the powerful leader of the Vampires. He survived for centuries, leading the Vampires through many different periods of the world and making him at least one of the oldest, if not, the oldest Vampire in the world.

He was killed by Lincoln after being tricked into believing that a train carrying silver was making its way to Gettysburg to help the Union defeat the Confederate Vampires. After confronting Lincoln, Adam was killed by a punch to the chest after Lincoln wrapped his silver pocket-watch around his fist.


Birth and first 5,000 years

Adam in Egypt (Around 1643 BC to 1213 BC)

He was born in 3158 BC in Egypt. His parents are unknown but vadoma, his sister is the only known relative of his. He was one of the egyptians who enslaved the Jews. Over 3,000 years later (around 250 AD) he was one of the Romans who watched the early Christians fed to the lions in the Roman Colosseum. It's unknown when, but at sometime (probably the 1400s) he and many other Vampires sailed to america, where they slaughtered millions of native americans. The first european settlers to arrive were killed by Vampires, but when the europeans arrived with their African Slaves the Vampires saw an opportunity. Adam helped enslave many Africans and bring them back to America. He built an empire in the South and had a plantation and hundreds of slaves while still keeping control over the Vampire community. At some point he kills Henry Sturges'girlfriend/wife and turns him into a Vampire. Henry then decides to train Humans to kill Vampires. One of these Humans was Abraham Lincoln who became President and tried to abolish slavery. The South retaliated, but was losing many battles. President Davis of the Confederacy made a deal with Adam so that the Vampires would help the South win in the War.


Adam approached Lincoln, asking him where the silver was. Lincoln replied by wrapping his silver pocket-watch around his fist and ramming it into Adam's stomach. Adam fell back onto the tracks, wounded. The train then collapsed onto him, crushing him and destroying the railroad.

Abilities and Powers[]

  • Strength - Being a Vampire he probably had the ability to lift heavy objects and destroy things with ease.
  • Mobility - He is faster than the average Human and has inhuman speed, agility, and reflexes.
  • Invulnerabilty - Normal weapons cannot kill him and he has the ability to heal wounds.
  • Sense - He has the five senses, but they are at an inhuman level.
  • Immortality - He has the ability to biologically live forever, unless an outside force intervenes. He of course died, but at the time of his death he was 5,021 years old.
  • Fangs - He has a pair of sharp fangs.
  • Sunlight Adaption - Though he is able to survive in sunlight it causes paleness in his skin.
  • Invisibility - He could turn almost completely invisible.


  • Rufus Sewell (the actor for Adam) actually bit into Dominic Cooper's neck and left one of his fake fangs into the back of his head. This was actually the first time Rufus wore the fangs and commented saying they were like "cat teeth".
  • Rufus Sewell grew up watching old Vampire movies and was relieved to know that Adam was the actual 'bad guy' Vampire: the kind he grew up with.
  • Adam is the first Vampire just like the first human was named adam. Both adams are the one who the rest of both species all come from.
  • Even though he was born in 3158 BC in Egypt the first actual stories of Vampires came from Mesopotamia around 4000 BC.